Las Vegas’ Pawn Plaza Constructed With Xtreme Cubes

Las Vegas, NV, USA Las Vegas’s newest Downtown retail center, Pawn Plaza, is being built entirely with Xtreme Cubes.

Pawn Plaza is located at 725 Las Vegas Boulevard So., just south of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, home of History’s popular “Pawn Stars” TV show.  The shopping and dining complex will cover 11,000 square feet across two stories and is made up of 72 brightly colored Xtreme Cubes welded together to form 36 structures, providing a total of 16 retail spaces and four restrooms.  Many of the tenants will take up more than one Cube.

The Xtreme Cubes housing each tenant are designed and produced in Las Vegas by Don Ahern’s Las Vegas-based <a href=””>Xtreme Manufacturing</a>. The project is leased by Cushman &amp; Wakefield/Commerce.  Xtreme Manufacturing produces high specification telehandlers as well as the Xtreme Cube modular building system for the North American market.

The project is well underway and the first cubes are now in place.  Brandon Main, the Executive Vice President of Xtreme Manufacturing, stated that “Xtreme Manufacturing is building all these structures, about two miles away.  We’re building the structures as they’re completing the site prep, so it’s a very speedy build cycle.”

Pawn Plaza is expected to open in the summer of 2015.