New Oil And Gas Drone Inspection Technology

Recently released by Xtreme Cubes Corp. and AviSight Inc., the C3UBE is a sophisticated drone mobile command center. AviSight deploys the C3UBE for the inspection of oil, gas and power critical infrastructure. It allows simultaneous and multiple beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight missions and provides real-time data transmission and artificial-intelligence-assisted fault detection in the most remote of locations. By enabling BVLOS flight of significant distance, for the first time drones are a real alternative to the unsafe and inefficient methods of inspection, which include helicopters and dangerous manual logistics. When critical infrastructure companies make this transition to unmanned data collection, they are able to cut costs, save lives and provide better service with less interruption to the final customer.

For oil and gas industry inspection and surveillance, a drone mobile command center enables BVLOS data collection and near real-time data streaming from almost any point within any critical infrastructure network. (Source: Xtreme Cubes Corp.)